Halloween is coming, and your children and family are no doubt excited about dressing up as their favorite animal, superhero or celebrity. As a parent, here are some safety tips to ensure they are safe walking from one house to another.

  • Try on costumes before hand at least the night before to check for proper fit. See if a sweater will fit over in case it gets too chilly, check if it's not too baggy and for features of costumes that can drag or cause trip hazard
  • Check fabrics and labels to ensure they are flame resistant; watch out for materials used in masks and make up as certain materials and ingredients can be cause for potential allergies
  • Map out areas you will be walking, check if the use of a flashlight or LED light will be needed as soon as it gets dark
  • Avoid costumes that can easily blend into the night - instead of dark costumes opt for color or use reflective tape if need be to seen well by vehicle headlights and street lights
  • If concerned about breathing problems, check that masks can easily be removed in case of emergency, and that ear, nose and mouth openings are wide enough for air
  • Wear comfortable shoes such as sneakers or walking shoes

Speaking of safety, is your home also prepared for trick-or treaters?

  • Use battery operated candles vs. traditional candles for lighting porches or inside of carved pumpkins to prevent any unnecessary home fires from occuring in case they are moved
  • Create a well lit path, check your porch lights and outside bulbs if they need replacing
  • Remove any high potential tripping hazards that can be hard to see during the nighttime for those visiting your property, such as extension cords, hoses, outdoor decor, tree stumps or rocks
  • If you have a lot of interior decorations requiring power, don't overload extensions cords or sockets

 Have a safe and wonderful Halloween courtesy of the Knox Team!