Videos are an upcoming and engaging way to learn something new - I love how videos shorten up the time it often takes me to understand a task, issue or get a feel for a new property and listing on the market. Instead of spending 20 minutes reading an article online, I would rather opt into watching the 2 minute video clip on the news report. Instead of reading a how to manual in replacing the window fixtures and updating window frames, I would rather head to and check out a quick video, most likely uploaded courtesy of Home And when it comes to properties, the video tours are always a must see!
I love looking at the virtual tours when scoping out the best properties for my clients - our Buyers know what they wan't and we aim to satisfy their needs. Looking at the video walk through on a home, I get a better sense what to expect before actually going there myself. Then a rush of thoughts come to my mind, could I imagine them really enjoying this home? Wouldn't this living room be the perfect size for their family? I know they mentioned they love to cook, would they get the best use out of this dual range oven?
I can try to squint at my phone and look through several pictures at home online, even photos on the MLS and Zillow have their limitations, but videos, slideshows, panoramas make the home buying (and selling) experience much better.
Here at the Knox Team we're committing to getting more involved with this streamlined approach in getting info out there; stay tuned for more integrated videos in our approach!