• Chris is a great Agent. He understands his customers needs and...

makes them feel comfortable. He doesn’t try to sell you any house instead he will choose something which will fit your criteria and make it a home for you. He is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and very accommodating to his client timings as well. Chris makes you feel like family, he helped us buy our first home 1.5 yrs. back and even now he is helping us to make it better. He has excellent recommendation for home improvement and also tells you all the possibilities and additional expenses when you making a decision. I would recommend highly of Chris and would suggest everyone to use him as an agent.Khushboo G
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"I'm so happy to see 5 stars for all of Chris's reviews, but not surprised at all. He's knowledgeable, responsive, informative, thorough, and patient. ... more "
by kellylreinke
"We are thankful to have met Chris through a family friend. He was absolutely the right realtor we needed to get our Mom's house sold, for the right ... more "
by julianarosacho
"Excellent. Chris took the time to sit down and explain the market and the best strategy to sell my home at top dollar. He was very patient and ... more "
by richard bruni
  • Chris was our first and only interview in the sale of our Home of 18 years...

We were most impressed that he came through the door with a proven plan to get our house on the market and sold. And, it worked! He brought tremendous knowledge of the market, the preparation process and had a large number of very high quality resources to accomplish the work necessary to bring the house up to date. His advice was invaluable and spot on. The result was a sale at a number comfortably over the asking price.— Dennis M.
  • I hate giving someone five stars in all categories, but Chris is worth it and exception to this... 

He truly is a five start real estate broker. Chris was my Realtor in 2006 when I bought a home in Willow Glen. Of the nearly two dozen properties I have purchased, Chris was the best agent that I had the privilege to have work for me.I had to relocate to San Jose for a job and he was very helpful in educating my wife and I on the area. He helped us find the right schools for the kids, and then the best home in those school boundaries. He has lived in the Silicon Valley his whole life and he really knows the areas.I have referred Chris to literally countless others. Everyone has had the same experience. They also feel blessed to have hired him.Something that I really appreciated was his ability to make sure to put our needs above his “commission” from a selling us a home. It was obvious to us the entire time that he always put our needs above his own.He is simply the best Realtor in the Silicon Valley!— Mike B.
  • We started working with Chris 10 years ago.

He came highly recommended. Chris has helped my family with 3 houses and several other house related decisions. I love his no nonsense approach to buying and selling houses. I have watched him close the deal, save the deal and get us a great deal! He really loves what he does and it shows. I have recommended him to several people over the years and they always thank me later for the connection. He is a true professional who knows this valley and does his job very well. Thanks Chris, I’ll call you soon about another idea… Your client for life.— Leah K.
  • I sold my home with Chris Knox.

I no longer live in the area so this was a stressful event. What I loved about working with him was that he did not waste your time. When I would fly out, he was prompt to every appointment, he would make recommendations about what needed to be done to the home, he would answer all my questions and then we agreed on the strategy for selling. We kept to our plan, revising it together when four other homes jumped on the market in the same vicinity. I had interviewed other realtor companies who had homes for sale in my neighborhood but none brought the level of expertise to the table like Chris had. His experience in the area and in how to market/sell it best was top notch. He did not lose enthusiasm about my home even when the others which were more updated came on the market. Chris continued to run Open Houses and was optimistic while still being a realist when the going got tough. Chris reviewed all the offers I got, going over the pluses and minuses of each one. He made sound recommendations on counter offers. That was very helpful as it got me to accept the best one that went right through in the long run. It was important to me that he did not pressure me to go with one over another and he gave me the time and space to make the decision. Finally he is just so thorough. When I flew in to move the last of my stuff out, I ran into Chris at the house installing a radon detector himself prior to the final walk through because one had been taken down during the painting. You just could not get anyone better. You owe it to yourself to at least give him a call.— Carol Ann H.
  • I was introduced to Chris from my long term loan Broker...

who said “I have been working with literally 100′s of real estate agents for years, and Chris is the best.” Sure enough, Chris was very knowledgeable, helpful and responsive and did an excellent job helping us buy a house vs. multiple bids. He also helped us with multiple referrals for professionals to help us with our house purchase. Chris is also a great guy, so I strongly recommend him.— Shane M.
  • I never recommend people I have dealt with but Chris is my one exception.

 He is honest, and reliable. He will always tell the truth even if you might not want to hear it. But in the long run it always is in your best interest. In the near future I will be using Chris’s services to sell a house again. I highly recommend Chris Knox.— Kevin G.
  • Chris Knox is more than a Realtor, he is a house expert!

His background in building houses with his grandfather and growing up locally really inform how he helps you make your choices now. He doesn’t advertise — he’s committed to being the best he can be so his clients will pass his name on, so he’s always always at the top of his game! He’s more than a realtor; he’s like a trusted friend you can ask about houses, neighborhoods, schools, finances, and other major decisions. We will never work with anyone else. He’s also working with my parents and with us on another property. Thank you, Chris!— Jane C.
  • Chris Knox helped us buy our current home.

 In a tough market with multiple offers for every home, he was very patient and available for showing many properties. He was always well prepared before the showings. What was very helpful for me was is knowledge of financing and the loan process. He is also very well networked and has a good recommendation for home inspectors and handymen. I often reach out to Chris for help even now and he is very helpful and as responsive. We wish him the best!— Pawan S.
  • Chris was very helpful in understanding the details of our situation.

He gave us several options and explained in detail about the advantages and disadvantages including details about the points, fees etc. and also any risks associated with the appraisal process. This transparency helped us to decide the best option for us in an informed manner. He gave us personal attention in filling out the forms and making sure that the process went through, including title transfer for estate accounts etc. We highly recommend Chris for any real estate related work – he is highly professional with tons of experience and gives personal attention to his clients.— Barna D.
  •  Chris is a true professional.

His knowledge of the Real Estate market is vast and it shows in his research, approach and presentation. His most important quality however is his ability to relate to people. He has a personable way of understanding what is important to the client and then he uses his knowledge of real estate to figure out how to make that happen. If you are interested in selling (as I was) he listens to what is most important to you (i.e. selling quickly or getting top dollar) and explains how your property fits into the current real estate market and how he can help you achieve your objective. Everyone is different and every case is different and that’s what makes Chris so good – he can see what makes you and your property unique and he can tailor his approach to make you successful.— P. Marathay
  •  Chris was a master of technological efficiency.

When my husband and I were buying our house, I was still in Manhattan. Chris was a master of technological efficiency: sending our listings, tailoring them to our style, giving us information about the various neighborhoods and then showing us quality real estate listings that were a phenomenal match for our family. I can’t recommend him more highly.— Tory R.
  • I was introduced to Chris ten years ago by a mutual friend...

where he helped purchase my first home. Right off the bat I could tell Chris has a genuine interest towards his clients. Although it is business it never feels that way as he makes you feel that he is for you and your better interest. It is not just about the transaction with Chris, he makes sure that you get what you need and that you’re comfortable. Being a first time buyer, I was very picky, unknowledgeable and at times unrealistic. Nonetheless Chris kept his cool demeanor and was very patient and helpful thru it first experience was pleasure but a long one. Needless to say he stuck by my side month after month as my desires changed and my inability to make up my mind. After about 8-9 months of looking Chris was just as helpful as he was from the beginning. He didn’t stop plugging away at pulling up potential homes and providing me updates on anything new. I finally found my place where it met most of my wants and all of my needs. I am happy to say that I am currently dealing with Chris on the other end as he helping me prep my home as I plan to sell soon. Communication with Chris is always a pleasure. He is very responsive and knowledgeable in his field. Hooking up with Chris was a life changer. I found a real estate agent who is down to earth, trustworthy and more than anything has your back. If this is the type of agent you are looking for then Chris is your guy. By the way, He may seem cool but don’t let that petty smile fool you. He will take a stand for his customers to assure they are safe and taken care before finalizing a deal.— Ryan K.
  • Chris is a great asset to have when purchasing a property.

On numerous occasions Chris has been a wealth of information and had specific data and knowledge that we needed to make an educated decision. Our purchase and later refi was a seamless process. I would recommend working with him on any project!— Corinne F.
  • Chris was an excellent Real Estate Agent!

 As first time home buyers we were very unsure with the process and talked with several other agents before finding Chris. He was incredibly knowledgeable and made sure our home buying experience was as pleasurable and easy on us as possible, with no surprises. Chris’ professionalism and pleasant demeanor made the process fun and stress free. He always treated us like we were his highest priority, quickly responding to us regardless of the time of day, or night. Lastly, even in our hot buying market Chris was able to find us a gem and negotiate the seller down $30k under asking.— Patrick W.
  •  We have known Chris for 10 years...

9 years ago he sold us our first home. He was great helping us through the process since this was our first time purchasing a home. This past July, he sold us our second home! My husband and I have been looking for a while. Chris was very patient over the year showing us houses here and there. Each visit, he listened carefully to what we were looking for and understanding what we wanted. Chris helped us find the perfect home for our family. We were impressed with his knowledge and all his hard work making sure our sale with through. He gave us great pointers since we were going up against multiple bids to make sure we could close the deal. It’s great walking through the house with Chris. He has a good eye and lots of ideas on how to improve the house if there is work to be done. He also has a great list of resources. We have shared his name with friends and will continue too. My husband and I would highly recommend Chris Knox!!— Linda F.
  • Chris was recommended to us by a neighbor...

and we had a great home buying experience with him. The number one thing my husband and I appreciated about Chris was his ability to stay within our comfort level on budget. If he had tried to push us higher, we’d have dropped him in a hot second. He showed us multiple homes in our neighborhood of choice and really thought about our requirements and needs. He was either available to take our call or called us back swiftly which we also appreciated during such a time. Finally, we’ve owned the home he helped us purchase for about five years now. If we are wondering about the resale value on improvements, like solar for example, we can give him a call and he gives us a great honest answer. On another level, I was so impressed with Chris that I’ve also referred him professionally to help my prospective hires get a feel for the area, all the different neighborhoods, and what it’s like to buy/own a home in San Jose. I appreciate his willingness to be a part of that.— Shannon J.
  • One thing that sold me on Chris was his deep local knowledge.

I was new at home buying, and one of the things that sold me on Chris, besides his deep local knowledge, easy going manner, and attention to detail, is that Chris told me to walk away from one deal after another before he finally supported my selection of a house. This careful guidance meant that Chris would have to invest more time searching with me. I can’t imagine a stronger way to prove that Chris really places his clients’ interests first.— Matt F.
  •  Chris helped us buy a house in Willow Glen and sell our house in Los Gatos.

The Willow Glen purchase was easy, the easiest home buy my husband and I have ever experienced (and it was our 5th house!). Chris worked closely with the sellers realtor to make sure that everything went smoothly, and there were no surprises. He was also instrumental in helping us understand all the minutia in the various reports, explaining in layman’s terms what was important and what was not. 

Selling our Los Gatos house was harder than we expected, because there was virtually nothing else on the market in our area at that time, and the market took a downward turn at the same time. Chris was awesome at following up with prospective buyers, helping them to make offers that they might not have otherwise done. It took more time than any of us thought, and was much harder, but Chris was awesome and kept me from losing my mind throughout the entire process, which to be honest, stinks even in the best of circumstances. He also helped us with the various contractors and report companies that we needed to get the house ready and in great shape to be sold. I am happy with the outcomes we experienced both as a buyer and a seller. I would absolutely work with Chris again when in 20 years I move again.
— Debbie B.
  • Chris helped us sell our house in San Jose in 2012.

He was extremely helpful and competent through the entire process, from suggesting the right steps in order make our house look more appealing to potential buyers, to planning visits and open houses in a way that was not too disruptive for our schedule, to handling the huge paperwork in a very clear and efficient way. Working with him, we ended up selling our house for more than we ever thought possible at the time. Chris is very professional and at the same time very approachable and nice, we would certainly work with him again in the future.— Mirca B.
  • Chris Knox was a wonderful Realtor to work with!

We worked with him to buy and sell our homes. He listened and understood the home we were looking to buy and helped us find it. There were multiple offers and Chris successfully negotiated ours to be chosen. The process of selling our home was seamless and worry free. I would highly recommend Chris Knox to be your Realtor!— Melissa F. 
  •  What can I say, other than working with Chris was a painless experience... 

Chris gave excellent advice during my buying process and was quick to talk me out of “settling” for the wrong home for me. I fully trusted Chris to look out for my personal interests first, which is way I will not hesitate to use him again if I’m in the market for a home in the future.
Thanks Chris for making my first home purchase pain free and taking the time to explain the process to me. I’m glad I waited for the right home — Matt F.