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Christopher Knox

Growing up, I loved to build tree-houses, usually a new one every summer. I enjoyed thinking about how I would use the spaces once completed. Most of the pictures I drew as a kid were of houses or buildings. I guess I have always been fascinated with homes; I love their design, the way they’re built, and how people live in them. I also grew up doing construction, everything from pouring concrete to painting. It isn’t a huge surprise I ended up being a real estate agent. Homes are in my DNA.

I specialize in helping home buyers and sellers achieve their specific real estate dreams by first acting as their consultant, not as a salesman. I help my clients become very clear and focused on their wants and needs – to see their “big picture” –and then we set about making those goals become reality. My process is all about YOU. That’s the reason I have many repeat clients, and why they generously introduce me to the people they care about so that I can help them as well.

I take a team approach to real estate. While my clients always work with me directly, experience shows that a team will always outperform an individual. Working alongside other talented and passionate people in service of our clients, we provide a bespoke, successful experience for our clients.

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